So you want get in touch with me?  COOL.  Here's how:

Call Me:

I won't give out my cell number on here - but if you know it, then CALL!


Try emailing me at the link on the bottom of most every page in this web.

Quick Message:

Option One (if you know my cell phone number)

Click HERE to Use this Page for a Quick Message
These messages appear immediately and I don't have to do anything.  BUT, it won't just tell me who you are - if you want me to know, you'll have to mention it in the message!

Option Two (all others)

Page me on my cell phone by sending an email to this link:

Yep, this really is ME!

Things to keep in mind:
-1-KEEP IT SHORT! -- (The Subject will hold 63 characters MAX).
-2-I only see the  SUBJECT on my phone (to see the message takes longer).
-3-My ability to respond is limited and takes time.